Celebrating Light: A Summer Solstice Ceremony - Wednesday, June 21st


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


Country Cut Flowers
970 Miller's Sideroad
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Celebrating Light: A Summer Solstice Ceremony
At Country Cut Flowers

Every year, the earth tilts its axis just right and the sun shines for its longest day, heralding the start of summer.

Join us for an evening of ceremony among the flowers to celebrate the light and embrace the sun's abundance.

We'll gather in community with ritual and reflection
We'll create beautiful earth altars from flower petals to imbue with our intentions for the last half of the year
We'll do a mindful posy-picking golden hour walk

Joining Janet, owner of Country Cut Flowers, for this workshop, Julia, founder of Glass Full, certified life-cycle celebrant, ritual artisan, and space holder will take you through our evening of solstice ceremony. 

 There is a free spot available to someone who is who is Black, Indigenous, trans, gender non-conforming, or belonging to another group that has been traditionally marginalized. E-mail hello@glassfull.ca to request this.

No refunds or pets. If you are unable to attend, you're welcome to pass your ticket on to someone else.

Photo of card by Amber Ellis of Creating Light Studio

Other photos by Janet Tuenschel of Country Cut Flowers

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