The 2023 Ultimate Floral Experience

This experience gives you flowers from April until October! Truly for the flower lover who needs flowers all season.

You (or your gift recipient) will cut a mason jar of specialty daffodils in early spring, a jar of tulips in May, and another jar of peonies in June!

When the main flower patch is producing (somewhere around mid-July) until the end of season (late September) you'll cut three buckets of flowers during three different visits.

As bonus items you'll receive a tray of pansies in the spring (one of my personal favourite flowers) and a grapevine wreath along with dried flowers to make your own fall wreath in early October .

Here's a recap of what you'll get with the ultimate floral experience:

1 tray of pansies

1 one-litre jar of daffodils

1 one-litre jar of tulips

1 one-litre jar of peonies

3 buckets of flowers from the mixed annual field

1 grapevine wreath with dried flowers to make your own fall wreath

This is for the flower lover in your life!

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