A Little Tour of the Flower Farm

A Little Tour of the Flower Farm

Welcome to the flower farm! Follow along as we wander the flower patches through the growing season. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your visit. I’m so happy to have you here.

Here’s a rough sketch of the farm (although not quite to scale). It should give you a sense of where you can find the flowers.

Our farm entrance is a little hidden but we’ll have a small sign or two out by the road when we’re open. As you drive up the tree-lined driveway you’ll begin to see the flower patches off to your right. Go over the hill and grab a spot in our parking lot. From there you’ll see the blue flower shop and the first gardens. 

 The gardens around the shop change throughout the growing season. If you’re arriving in May you’ll see daffodils and tulips in the gardens and raised beds. When the early flowers are done for the season we begin to plant the late summer flowers. 

The next round of flowers will bloom July onwards. You’ll find an abundance of flowering vines tumbling up and over the split rail fences. There will be comfy spots to sit in this area - bistro sets, comfy benches, Muskoka chairs. Please sit and relax, maybe grab a magazine or gardening book from the lending library.


Off to the right and beyond you’ll see the peony patches - these flowers bloom in June. The blooms begin approximately the middle of June, depending on how warm our spring has been, and they last 2-3 weeks. Once these areas are finished, sometime around the end of June, the green leaves create a nice green backdrop for the rest of the season. You’ll find a few hydrangeas hiding out in this area too.

Up the hill from the blue shed you’ll see our old red barn. It’s approximately 150 years old! I love our barn - the light that comes through is divine. You’ll find gardens around the barn and these are all available for flower picking.

Once you get to the other side of the barn you can’t help but see the main flower patch. Early in the season there are daffodils and a few tulips in the raised beds.

The main flower patches are empty early in the season as we prepare to plant the summer flowers. These areas are planted in late May and June. Then they need some time to grow before the main cutting season.


As we head into mid-July and onwards the flower patches are full of a variety of annuals - dahlias, zinnias, amaranthus, scabiosa, strawflowers, sunflowers, snapdragons and so many more. We set up more bistro sets and chairs by the barn so you take time to relax and arrange your flowers.

The main flower patches keep producing beautiful flowers until we have a hard frost - some years frost arrives as early as the first half of September and in other years it’s late October.


We’ll have plenty of flower tickets throughout the growing season, from May until September or October. We release tickets every couple of weeks so we can keep an eye on what’s in bloom and to ensure the crowds in the flower patches are kept quite private and small.

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