Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds. As a small seasonal business, we simply can't issue refunds. You are always welcome to transfer your ticket or subscription to someone else. 

When are flowers in bloom?

The first flowers are the daffodils in April and then the tulips in May. We open up for some cut-your-own flowers in early May. Tickets will be available once the flowers start to bloom.

The next flowers are peonies in June. There will be limited cut-your-own peony tickets available in June.

The main flower field begins blooming in mid-July, and gradually gets fuller throughout the summer. Most people are surprised to know that the flower patch is fullest in September. If we have a late frost, it’s even fuller in October! The mixed flower patches include zinnias, dahlias, strawflowers, snapdragons, statice, scabiosa, sunflowers, celosia, and many others.

When can I cut flowers?
There will be tickets available in May for tulips and daffodils, June for peonies, then mid-July until frost for the main mixed flower patches. Tickets will be available shortly before the flowers start to bloom.

How can I get a ticket?
You can find tickets on our Ticket page, starting in May. In 2023 we may offer drop-in opportunities mid-week late in the seaoon, where you can pay at the gate. Check us out on Insta and FB or sign up for our newsletters to stay up-to-date.

What is included with my cut-your-own flowers ticket?
We will give you a one litre mason jar that you can fill with as many blooms as you can. The time slots are usually 2-3 hours and you can stay for as much of that time as you’d like. We have bistro tables and chairs throughout the property where you can sit and relax. And new in 2023, we’ll have a little on-site library with garden magazines and books.

Where is Country Cut Flowers located?
We’re located at 970 Millers Sideroad, Newmarket, L3Y 4V9, but you'll take the farm driveway that's approximately 100 metres west of our home driveway. There's a small Country Cut Flowers sign there.

You’ll drive up the driveway to the parking lot by the little blue shop.

What should I bring when I visit the farm?
Please bring a hat, sunscreen, bug spray and scissors or garden snips for cutting your flowers. We’ll supply your jar. And we always recommend comfortable footwear. The property is hilly and there are lots of lumps and bumps. We also recommend you limit the scents on your hair and body - there are bees and other bugs here that can be attracted to these smells.

Can I bring my own jar for the flowers?
No, we supply the one litre mason jars for flower picking.

What if it rains?
The cut-your-own sessions run rain or shine. If the conditions are dangerous (ie thunderstorm weather) we will reschedule. We love putting on our rubber boots and cutting flowers in the rain!

When does the season end?

The season ends when the field is hit with a hard frost. This usually happens in late September, but can hit as early as the first week of September, and as late as mid-October (a frost that late is pretty rare though).

Can I take pictures?
Yes, you can take pictures while you’re here. If you’re taking professional photos (commercial shoots, family photos, engagement shoot, etc) you will need to schedule another time. You can email us at to get details.

If I don’t want to cut my own flowers, are there other ways to get flowers?
Yes, we have pre-picked bouquet subscriptions on our Shop page. We will also have bouquets in the shop throughout the season. You can stay up-to-date on these options by following along on Insta or FB or signing up for our newsletter.

Can I visit the flower field without buying a ticket?
No, visits to the flower field are limited to those who have a cut-your-own ticket, picnic ticket or those who are attending a workshop.

If I have a ticket can I bring someone with me?
You can bring someone with you and they’ll pay an entry fee at the gate. They will not be cutting flowers as this is simply an entry fee. This fee is $20.

Can I bring my dog?
No pets, unless they are service animals, are allowed. Service animals are always welcome.

What is the price for children?
Children who are not cutting flowers are free, ages six and younger. If they’re cutting a bouquet of flowers, the fee is the same as adults.

How do I care for my flowers once I get them home?
Keep your flowers away from the sunlight and vents in your home. Ensure the water levels are kept up in your jar. In a day or two give your stems a little trim, on a 45 degree angle, and give them fresh water. You can repeat this every couple of days.

If your jar is really full of flowers you may want to take out half and create a second bouquet. This will help to keep the water cleaner for a longer period of time.