Joyful Early August Wedding

February 22, 2023

Joyful Early August Wedding

All weddings are happy occasions but this early August 2022 wedding was simply overflowing with joy. You’ll be witness to the pure joy of Danielle and Julian as you look through their pictures.
Danielle wanted a very personal bouquet so asked her guests each to pick a flower from the flower patches at the farm. We quickly pulled together the bouquet as Danielle and Julian’s guests brought their proudly chosen flowers, one-by-one to me. We tied it off with a beautiful ribbon from Silk and Sumac. Here are a few pictures of their happy guests choosing their flowers:

It was a beautiful, sunny day with white puffy clouds, simply wedding perfect. To help keep their guests cool, Danielle and Julian provided fans and bottles of water.

Just try not to smile as you see these beautiful pictures when Danielle and Julian are first officially married, then showered with flower petals tossed by friends and family.

Gorgeous photos by Jaclyn Roth

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